Web Design Order

Please follow these instructions when placing a Web Design Order.

Send us an E-Mail and in the E-Mail please include as much of the following as possible...

  1. A General Description of your Website that you would like for us to build for you.
  2. If you already have a Website that you would like for us to re-do, please tell us the Online Address so that I can look at it and get the general idea of what type of a site it is. This is not required but it would be helpful for us.
  3. Tell us if you would like to have a Custom Template to go along with the Web Design. Or if you would like to use one of our Pre-Designed Templates or our Exclusive Design Templates then please tell us which one you would want to use. If you are unsure then this step is not necessary.
  4. How many pages would you like for us to create on your Website? What are the types of pages? Example: Home Page, Links Page, About Us Page, Shopping Pages?
  5. Would you also like for us to create a Website Banner and/or a Logo for you?

....Telling us this information will help us to quote you a price.

Send us an E-Mail!

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