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No one person or company has ALL the answers. Working with and learning from others is an important principle for success in any area and is particularly true with the Internet, a rapidly changing and relatively new medium.

We give some of our own understanding of what it takes to be successful on the Internet, in hopes that it will be useful to you in some way.

Planning -In order to be successful on the Internet, you must have a well formulated plan before you start. This can save a lot of disappointment and unmet expectations later.

Clear communication -No one knows your business better than you do. Clear communications with your Web Designer are a very important element for your information, products or services to be represented in the best possible way to the public.

Web Design -Your website must be easy to navigate and have fastloading pages in order that it will provide a pleasant and informative experience for your visitors.

You don't want the layout, style and content of your Web Pages to be the same as all the other sites out there. Your site should be as unique as your product, service, company or organisation and your intended viewing audience.

Content -Some people just put too many different animations, applets and special effects on their website. Many times this may be a substitute for good content, a desperate attempt to hide the emptiness of the site. How beautiful a site may be, if it does not contain any substantial information, is totally useless.

Hosting -It is important to have a good web hosting service. You want to be able to have the support that you need right when you need it. You will want your website to experience as little "down time" as possible. We can offer good guidance on this.

Positioning -In order to get good results for the site you need to invest some time and effort in web positioning on the search engines. Otherwise, no matter how good of a site you have, not many will actually be able to find it.

Interactivity -In this high tech world, most people like to know there are other real human beings behind the scenes before they will venture to purchase something from a website. Simple e-mail links, an "About Us" page and good, old fashioned customer service, follow-through and personality can go a long way in getting your customers to trust you.

Maintenance -Ever improving, changing and vibrantly alive pages will assure you of return visitors. After we design your website you can also hire us to maintain it for you on a monthly basis. Or if you just need help in adding a few things to the site every once in awhile, we can do that too.

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